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Welcome to Editainment Zone

Edutainment Zone is a leading online source for edutainment toys. For more than two decades of producing high-quality products in fast-paced cities in the world, Edutainment Zone has become a creative hub for educational and fun-filled concepts for both consumers and business owners

As edutainment has been a well-received worldwide concept over time, Edutainment Zone promotes this new style of learning through beautifully the marriage of educational children’s products to entertaining activities. Through its product selection, the little ones will enjoy the arts and crafts items, DIY sets, coloring activities, and STEAM-oriented products (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Its flagship e-commerce product, the coloring 3D coloring cardboard puzzle, has positively received a massive response from its playschool partners and retail network with its unique designs and interactive impact for children.

Edutainment Zone has established global business hubs in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, and Canada, with satellite offices in Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, and Egypt. It offers the best design services that result into an innovative product range for the art of making education entertaining and making sure that every single toy is 100% safe as treats for the tots.

Your requirements are the first priority of Edutainment Zone, whether you’re looking for a suitable collection for the children’s activity and for extraordinary gifting for any occasion, or simply for the whole family your little one to play, learn, and enjoy. The well-known toys supplier offers both economical, unique, and creative to make learning more fun through play. Its online avenue brings a wide spectrum of traditional products and the now popular digitally oriented toys.
Edutainment Zone brilliantly combines international knowledge and local trends through immersing in trade shows and exhibitions held regularly in the US, Europe and China, in order to bring quality variety to the competitive industry.

Edutainmentzone is owned by Sanam Vending Machine LLC founded 20/Sep/2004.
Sanam Vending Machine LLC is located at Ajman Al Zahra Shopping Center Office 1005 PoBox 4874
  • This company is 100% made with UAE talents.
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